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I am a new user, I am working on a project for a local group of pokemon go players, We have a telegram group to coordinates raids, and report new nest changes. I am working on a telegram bot in python to maintain the new nest rotation map, so there's less maintenance for admins. We have it setup where the gps markers on google maps are the icons of pokemon, I would like to replicate that using openstreetmaps, but from what I understand any changes I make are actual edits to the map. I do not want to do that for this project. I did some googling and I came across about private layers, and another one was geojson, but I am not sure if that is what I need for my project, and would like to know what my other options are. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

asked 31 Jul '19, 20:58

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You want to display points on top of an OSM map and periodically change them? You can do that with uMap for example. Or you set something up on your server with the help of Leaflet.

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answered 31 Jul '19, 21:46

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Oh that might work out, So the difference between leaflet and uMap is that I can do this on osm servers, while leaflet lets me host it myself, and still do what I want?

(31 Jul '19, 22:16) Andyroo89

Well, there are more differences.

Leaflet is a framework and many contributors have provided plugins to allow many different features to be added. With the Leaflet base you allow for serving maps, with different plugins you can then customize the map controls, display markers, allow for interactions, etc. You are very flexible but have to configure your Leaflet yourself.

uMap has a nice UI which allows for easy access and modifying by either the creator only or also other editors. You can install your own uMap on your server or use one of the existing public services. uMap is quite powerful but limited to what is provided.

(01 Aug '19, 08:12) TZorn

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