NOTICE: is no longer in use from 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum suggests Walmart should be tagged department store and points to a Wiki saying a department store's focus is clothing. (I think that doesn't really fit Walmart.)

Anyway, I live near a store that sells many different types of things. Much smaller than a Walmart but too big and low cost to be "convenience store." It is currently labeled "pharmacy." I think it is important that someone looking for a pharmacy be able to find this one, but pharmacy is clearly not the main thing here. So I don't know how to tag it.

Imagine a Walmart superstore, remove the electronics and auto shop (but keep the auto accessories), and make it half the size.

asked 29 Jul '19, 01:42

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I have faced this delusion many times choosing tags for shop. Cause many shop sell multiple categories of products. Because of this I haven't uploaded many shops yet. Example: Almost all library have photocopier, many have computer and scanner etc. The library which I'm concerned about has above those, also they sell clocks. (I will tag it as a library though) Electronics shop: one type sell fridge TV, fan etc; another type sell electronics components(IC, capacitor, Diode etc); yet another sells wires, screwdriver, switches (light-fan switches, not networking switch), etc - means home wiring goods. Some teashop/stall and restaurant and many shops sell icecream, cold drinks. there is no separate Icecreame shop in my country (I haven't seen any and never heard of any) and goes on.... means, many shop sells many types of things which makes them harder to categorized. Sometimes names helps to tag, xyy general store, xyz Departmental store, even though they are not completely true.

(03 Aug '19, 22:45) zabir

Basically the other two options mentioned on the department store wiki page are shop=supermarket if it carries a full selection of food products, and shop=variety_store if it has more of a discount/very low price focus. The other option (that is probably not mentioned because there isn't a great definition) is shop=general. If the others don't fit, this could be an option for your store.

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answered 29 Jul '19, 15:27

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Can we put more than one "shop=____"? I don't want to make it harder to find a pharmacy, especially not one that's local as opposed to a big chain.

(29 Jul '19, 16:22) Happy Hobo

In a way you can: you can separate the values by semi-colons. However, it's my understanding that most data users will only read/display the first value in that list.

You probably don't need to in this case, though, since pharmacy uses the amenity key (amenity=pharmacy)

(29 Jul '19, 16:37) neuhausr

Another approach is to treat the pharmacy counter as a second POI.

(30 Jul '19, 15:53) maxerickson

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