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I am trying to compile project which uses osrm libraries and was written in 2017.I installed osrm server on my system yesterday and trying to make the application run.But while compiling on ubuntu 18.04 i am getting compilation errors.For eg,for the following code block

long long int OSRM_INTERFACE::viarouteCall(
        vector<pair<float, float> > locations) {

    // The following shows how to use the Route service; configure this service
    osrm::RouteParameters route_parameters;
    // route is in Monaco
    route_parameters.service = "route";//route bateesh made chanfe from viaroutes to route

    for (unsigned int i = 0; i < locations.size(); i++) {

        route_parameters.AddCoordinate(locations[i].first, locations[i].second);

    osrm::json::Object json_result;
    const int result_code = (*routing_machine).RunQuery(route_parameters,
    //std::cout << "result code: " << result_code << std::endl;

    long long int duration = 0;

    // 2xx code

    if (result_code / 100 == 2) {
        // Extract data out of JSON structure
        auto& summary = json_result.values["route_summary"].get<
        duration = summary.values["total_time"].get<osrm::json::Number>().value;
//      auto distance =
//              summary.values["total_distance"].get<osrm::json::Number>().value;
//      //std::cout << "duration: " << duration << std::endl;
        //std::cout << "distance: " << distance << std::endl;
    //delete osrm;
    return duration;

I am getting error during compilation like:-

error: ‘struct osrm::engine::api::RouteParameters’ has no member named ‘service’; did you mean ‘overview’?
  route_parameters.service = "viaroute";
src/osrm_interface.cpp:47:20: error: ‘struct osrm::engine::api::RouteParameters’ has no member named ‘AddCoordinate’; did you mean ‘coordinates’?
   route_parameters.AddCoordinate(locations[i].first, locations[i].second);
src/osrm_interface.cpp:51:45: error: ‘class osrm::OSRM’ has no member named ‘RunQuery’
  const int result_code = (*routing_machine).RunQuery(route_parameters,

It seems to me as some API has changed and my machine is using new APIs and the code is built on old API.Can you tell me how can I see which parameters changes if i am correct?How do I make changes in the current code to use member names of new API?

asked 26 Jul '19, 15:39

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edited 29 Jul '19, 08:18

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Your question would seem to be rather out of scope for this site, I would suggest posing your question on the OSRM mailing list that is likely to get you faster and better results.

permanent link

answered 26 Jul '19, 20:27

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Thank you.I have posted it there

(30 Jul '19, 10:02) bateesh
(30 Jul '19, 12:24) scai ♦
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