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We would like to modify our work. Can we register the plan already done ? Or do we have to do an another one for each version ? Can we add pictos to the map ? Is it possible to add images from our computer ? Thanks a lot for all précisions. Best regards Nora Dumortier

asked 25 Jul '19, 17:47

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Camping site...
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edited 26 Jul '19, 10:50

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What exactly is "our work"? Which "plan" are you referring to? What is a "version" in your context? Your question is very unclear.

You can update the map anytime you like, as often as you want.

(26 Jul '19, 07:51) scai ♦

My problem is that I can not go back to my map, which is not finished.

Can you tell me where to go?


(26 Jul '19, 08:44) Camping site...

Ce que vous demandez n’est vraiment pas clair. Pouvez-vous essayer d'utiliser plus de mots pour décrire ce que vous essayez de faire?

It really isn't clear what you are asking. Can you try using more words to describe what you are trying to do?

(26 Jul '19, 08:49) SomeoneElse ♦

Is this question about uMap?

(26 Jul '19, 09:45) scai ♦

I created an account Umap to create an interactive map for our website, but I did not finish the map and I closed my Internet i thinking that at could back modified it.

I can not find the edit button on my Umap account, it only offers to create a card.

Here is the link:

Thank you for your help.

(26 Jul '19, 10:03) Camping site...

I am not sure what you are asking but you can improve the map if you want by using your better knowledge of the campsite. To learn how to edit the map read the beginners guide. You cannot add pictures of the campsite to advertise it, but you could add some details such as your website or email and telephone numbers( not here) in the data. You can use Openstreetmap to help visitors locate your campsite. I hope this is helpful.

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answered 25 Jul '19, 20:23

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andy mackey
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So the question is really about recovering access to your uMap map. Please have a look at InsertUser's answer to a similar question a few weeks back. In short: you either need the original edit link which is different from the share link or you could download the complete map data (via share button) and re-create the map while being properly logged in.

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answered 26 Jul '19, 10:57

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