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What is the right way to tag a site with multiple adjacent buildings, if the buildings house different, unrelated businesses, but the site as a whole has a common name, common address, common operator and so on (sort of like a shopping mall, but smaller and mostly with crafts).


In Frömern, Germany there's an old farm, called "Hof Sümmermann", that has been repurposed for use by multiple small businesses - see the site on OSM.

The site still looks like a farm, with farmyard, main building, stables and so on. The buildings are mostly unchanged on the outside, but instead of animals and farm machinery, they now house multiple small businesses, such as a café, a goldsmith, a photographer and some shops.

The individual businesses can obviously be tagged as usual, but I wonder: How do I tag the site / area as a whole?

The whole site has a name ("Hof Sümmermann", literally "Sümmermann farm", even though it's no longer a farm), its own website ( ) and a single postal address, so I'd really like to have some type of OSM object representing the site as a whole.

For now, I have created an area with landuse=commercial (way 707256865) and tagged it with name, address etc., but I'm not sure this is ideal. I felt I should use some type of amenity representing a group of businesses. There are some tags that represent groups or centers of a type, such as shop=mall, amenity=community_centre or amenity=arts_centre, but I found none that fits.

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(25 Jul '19, 13:41) sleske

You have described using a mapping technique that seem reasonable to me for the current land use. I have seen several "business parks" tagged in this way.

If the building still look like farm buildings then it is reasonable to tag them as farm buildings even if their usage has changed. The new usage will be indicated by the tags on the new businesses and or building:use=* tags.

If this area is managed by an entity that also runs other similar parks it may be reasonable to add operator=* to the outline as well.

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