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What are the different entity types that can be children of a "place?" I am seeing suburb, town, hamlet, village, neighbourhood, city, locality, postcode.

Am I missing any? I assume that these entity types vary from country to country.

asked 24 Jul '19, 20:30

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Could you expand your question using more words? It's not clear if your asking what values people have used for the tag "place" in OSM data, or what hierarchy of places is imposed on OSM data by e.g. software like Nominatim.

(24 Jul '19, 22:06) SomeoneElse ♦

I am asking what the hierarchy of places is imposed on OSM data. I am using Nominatim. Thanks!

(24 Jul '19, 23:01) vsalazar

Maybe your question would become clearer if you explained what you try to do or what problem you try to solve.

(25 Jul '19, 08:19) TZorn

I have a dataset with a hierarchy of places. I want to evaluate the dataset and was hoping to use Nominatim to compare the hierarchy of places in my dataset to the hierarchy of places in Nominatim.

For instance, I have Place A in my dataset (with a hierarchy) and I want to compare to the hierarchy of Place A in Nominatim.

(25 Jul '19, 16:51) vsalazar

ok, I have no clue about how Nominatim handles this. In general OSM there is no formal hierarchy for places. The only formal hierarchy is established through admin boundaries and even there are exceptions.

(26 Jul '19, 07:20) TZorn

Common values for places are listed in the wiki. If the extent is known places might also be mapped as admin boundaries.

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answered 24 Jul '19, 22:13

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What do you mean when you say "if the extend is known?"

(24 Jul '19, 23:06) vsalazar

Probable typo "extend" > "extent". Fully defined borders.

(24 Jul '19, 23:44) InsertUser

exactly. Putting a node with place=* somewhere is easy but mapping an admin boundary requires some better knowledge of where these boundaries really are.

(25 Jul '19, 08:12) TZorn

In principle places can be mapped as areas/polygons too (even if there is some fuzziness around the topic), pls don't map such entities as administrative entities except if they actually are (its a bit of a fad in DE, but in general not a good thing).

(26 Jul '19, 20:30) SimonPoole ♦

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