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soy nuevo en este sitio vivo en cuba y quiero ayudar este sitio que es muy bueno quiero hacer mejoras en los mapas y mejoras de lugares que conosco, ??puedo crear mi propio grupo aunque sea una sola person?? no cuento con poder monetario para ayudar a mapme solo con mi tiempo y recursos propios.

asked 21 Jul '19, 16:47

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Deepl translates this as:

I am new to this site living in Cuba and I want to help this site that is very good I want to make improvements in the maps and improvements of places that I know, ??I can create my own group even if it is a single person? I do not have monetary power to help mapme with only my own time and resources.

No reason for forming a group. All you need to do is create an account at and start mapping. I am not sure there is a beginning tutorial in Spanish but I'd be surprised if there isn't. The is no cost involved other than your time and what ever it costs you to use the Internet. Be careful though: Many find this an addictive activity, it may start using up all your time. :)

If you do want to form a group, just work on your friends and neighbors to join you in mapping.

The app picks up changes from OpenStreetMap periodically, seems to be about every month or two, so the additions and corrections you make will show up in that app after a relatively short period of time.

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answered 21 Jul '19, 19:25

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