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Hello, I am trying to set a number of bus stations that are equally distributed on a given street. so is there any way that I can use to find the point that is m meters far away from a given point on a given street?

asked 18 Jul '19, 19:43

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Are these real bus stops/stations, or fictional ones in offline data? Real bus stops would almost never be exactly the same distance apart due to variations in road design, topography, demand, etc.

(18 Jul '19, 19:56) alester

they are fictional, I made them just to test an algorithm

(19 Jul '19, 05:33) maj308

I have just tried out iD. It as a distance scale, on the zoom level that i looked at the scale was 30 metres you could estimate from that scale. Using Potlatch2 you can display the mouse co-ords top right there's a box to tic. It would need maths for various latitudes and longitudes to see what small fraction of a degree equals in metres. JOSM has measuring and angle tools so should be the easiest solution. Another idea, if you measure the width of the road by paces for example then compare it to the Aerial and estimate your 30 meters from that.

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answered 18 Jul '19, 20:17

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andy mackey
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