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Flood barrier, levee like this - I currently use a track with embankment, but it goes from nowhere to nowhere (because it is not intended for transportation) and it is not primarily a track. It is not a city wall either.

"Road gate" - a place where the above mentioned barrier is interrupted to allow car traffic and at the same time it be blocked easily with waterbags or something like that.

Flood gate on river like this - a gate that can reduce or stop the water flow. It is neither waterway=lock_gate (this is the closest probably), waterway=weir or waterway=dam.

I came to a related problems with mapping riverbanks : first if the waterway=riverbank areas correspond to usual waterlevel - how should the area between the usual terrain and the place where water meets dry land mapped - if not riverbank as well or not at all? (see image)

And since the renderers (at least Mapnik) seems to ignore river width for rendering how to make it look less weird when only the part of a river flowing through village is mapped in full width using riverbanks and the rest (before and after) gets rendered much thinner?

It is all here

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In my area there is a low flood defence that traverses a road and is continued by a road hump of max half metre high smoothly blended, which easier to drive over than a 100mm speed hump. this could be included in flood counter measures examples

(10 Aug '11, 21:40) andy mackey

You can have a look at these tags:


waterway=flow_control and flow_control=sluice_gate

Generally you will find information regarding waterways here in the wiki.

If a feature is interrupted (e.g. for a street) you should interrupt it in OSM as well. For gates there is barrier=gate, maybe this can be used for your purpose.

You should not judge only based on the current rendering appearance, rather try to give a precise and correct description of the feature you are going to map.

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answered 28 Aug '11, 11:36

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But man_made=dyke is not rendered on map

(06 Aug '13, 05:45) int_ua

It is rendered on maps, but it isn't currently marked on the mapnik rendering on, which is just one possible visualization of the data contained in OSM. There are at least 2 possibilities how to deal with any tag not rendered: convince the maintainer of the style to render the tag, possibly providing a suggestion how to do it (patch), or use another map which already renders the feature in a way you like. Btw: the more you use a feature (and convince other mappers to do the same) the more likely it will at some point be rendered by the maps.

(06 Aug '13, 11:06) dieterdreist

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