There is a label in Wakatobi Indonesia that appears at lower zoom levels (<15) and disappears at zoom level 16. Because it disappears, it's not possible to edit it out. It doesn't belong and needs to be removed from the base map, but I can't figure out how to do that. Does anybody know how to go about removing this kind of label? The label name is Samabahari.

asked 17 Jul, 04:00

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I cannot find any object in OSM named 'Samabahari'. Could you please go to, zoom to the place where you see the label and paste the URL here.

(17 Jul, 09:19) TZorn

You deleted the node six days ago.

If you are still seeing it then you are viewing cached tiles. Or z12 which I think is regenerated periodically

Ah yes, see

which says "Low and medium zoom tiles (z0-z12) are usually re-rendered only when a new osm-carto version is being deployed and on the first Sunday of each month"

permanent link

answered 17 Jul, 10:57

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Thanks for the response EdLoach. I believe you are correct. I'll keep an eye on it for the next month and see if it disappears. It's currently showing up only on z12.

(19 Jul, 14:11) thecd
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