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Hi everyone. I followed the instructions on this thread to create a custom map from OSM for Garmin with mkgmap. The whole process works well and gmapsupp.img + other files are created. I then copy them to a microSD under the Garmin directory but when I start the device I get a Map format not supported error.

The same microSD used with Home port works well and I can see the map. Another issue I am facing is that when I create a route in Home POrt and transfer it to the SD it is not available on the Garmin Device.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!

asked 15 Jul '19, 14:10

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Hi,i never tried to put the .img file directly on the sd but always used the nsis installer to creatie a basecamp or mapsource map and used the basecamp mapinstaller to put it on my device. If you try it this way, make sure you use basecamp 4.6.2 and not 4.7.0 Kind regards Joris

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answered 16 Jul '19, 13:02

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Thanks! I have now tried to install the maps with mapinstall from Garmin website. Managed to get to the info thanks to research from your answer. Seems to work also so let's see if this will display the map properly.

(16 Jul '19, 16:16) mazzofab

Realized that Garmin can be picky on the SD Card! Changed SD card and now works..

(18 Jul '19, 07:24) mazzofab

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