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Please, help me to find the direct/personal contacts (emails) of the OSM owners (creators, administrators, managers,…) to discus with them the possibility of the OSM service usage for the commercial purposes?

In fact, I want to create the separate thematic layer on the OSM server, which could be opened only by the authorized users. Login on the OSM my partners will create their objects and store them on my server. I would like, to use the OSM server interface directly, to avoid the necessity of the duplicate creation and setting the standard OSM visualization and object creationtools on my server.

May be I have another way to create the objects via the OSM data using the standard tools,but stored on my server?

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asked 10 Aug '11, 15:16

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This is essentially a duplicate of another question already answered on this site.

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While what you want to do is technically and legally possible (please check the wiki and this web site, this is a very frequent question), I doubt that the administrators would be happy to run your commercial service directly from the community servers. Running a full OSM server is quite ressource-intensive, but many people do so, on their own servers for their own purposes (again, a quick wiki search will give you the information).

Note that "OSM owner" is a misleading term at best. There are administrators and a foundation, but OSM is a community project.

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answered 10 Aug '11, 16:00

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Under the "many people do so, on their own servers for their own purposes" you mean, that they download all OSM database locally (and use it as the OSM copy) or they organize the server which provides online access to the OSM service, but their own data is creating and storing on their side?

(11 Aug '11, 09:22) AnZem

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