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Hi there, I noticed that users have splittet a lot of towerblocks / Plattenbau buildings into small buildings for each part / stairwell. After discussion, I would like to merge the building shape into a single building way, that contains indipendend nodes per housenumber.

Small separated buildings form a building block, which is just wrong

Improved version, a merged building (block) that contains multiple housenumbers per entrance

But I know only a manual way using JOSM to extract and cleanup the infos (add nodes, copy & paste content of each building part, remove remaining tags, merge parts to main building). Anybody an idea to speedup this process? building-tools addon just offer another splitup, but not a reunion :-(

asked 12 Jul '19, 18:17

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While I'm not convinced this is a good idea (are you sure these don't outline separate residences?), I do have a method that should work:

  1. Select a all of the nodes along one side of the building except the last, and copy-paste them offset so that you have nodes roughly where you want them (or create them another way).
  2. Use the conflate plugin with the "replace geometry" box un-ticked to copy all tags from the surrounding ways to the destination nodes (full instructions in wiki)
  3. Select the destination nodes and delete the irrelevant tags
  4. Select the outline ways and Join Overlapping Areas (SHIFT+J), selecting "none" for the conflict resolution on the address tags.
  5. Use the Simplify Way (SHIFT+Y) command to delete midpoint nodes (you may need to tighten the sensitivity)
  6. Remove the irrelevant tags from the outline way. (For those not done as a part of step 4).
  7. Modify the building tags on the outline way to reflect the fact that they are building=terrace or apartments as appropriate.
  8. Unless specifically against local practice it may be useful to place the new address nodes joined to the new way and tag them as entrances if you know where the doors are.
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answered 12 Jul '19, 20:18

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edited 12 Jul '19, 20:37

Note that in an area / development where you think several streets worth of addresses are misrepresented, the conflate plugin and join overlapping areas tool can both operate over several terraces at once so this isn't necessarily as long as it seems.

For a one off, it might be quicker to use the auto increment function of the address preset as on the new address nodes.

(12 Jul '19, 20:34) InsertUser

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