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Can someone please suggests the best possible combination to use , edit and render OSM? I have both PC and a Mac which one would be better and with what software?

asked 10 Aug '11, 11:57

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You can use the mailing lists to discuss the pros and cons of the editing software available running on various platforms. This Q&A site is intended for questions which have one single definite answer, rather than discussions.

(10 Aug '11, 12:00) Jonathan Ben...

Alternatively, use the discussion forum if you are not comfortable with mailing lists.

(10 Aug '11, 14:36) Tordanik

I'm gonna have to disagree with the reason for closing this thread; misguided as the question may be, it would have probably been better to edit the question.

(15 Aug '11, 01:23) Baloo Uriza

The question has been closed for the following reason "Too subjective and argumentative" by Jonathan Bennett 10 Aug '11, 11:59

Its not really a question of "Mac or PC", more what operating system you use. For editing, it doesn't really matter, the popular OSM editors (Potlatch, JOSM or Merkaartor) will run fine on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Note that Potlatch requires Flash Player, whereas JOSM requires Java.

For rendering, the most popular and powerful software is Mapnik. This is open source, and packages are available for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. It can be a bit complicated to install and setup, possibly easiest on Linux as you can get all of the required parts from repositories. Also, most people using Mapnik are running it on Linux, so there is more help and tutorials available than there is for Mapnik on Windows for example.

Another option for rendering is Maperitive. This is Windows software, and fairly easy to setup and use. It can also run on Linux or Mac OS X with Mono. It probably won't cope with huge volumes of data, eg rendering a map of a whole country, but it should be fine for making a map of a city.

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