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I have 50 rows dataset, and 'm trying to match those locations with OSM data. I want to have info such as polygon, lat&long, housenumber, street etc (whatever it has) from OSM. One of my location Moncoeur Belleville in France. As you can see in the link, there is information about the place with node number: 446868082 When I search based on OsmApi with node number, I got the output that I want to take.

from osmapi import OsmApi
MyApi = OsmApi()


{'id': 446868082,
 'visible': True,
 'version': 7,
 'changeset': 67256996,
 'timestamp': datetime.datetime(2019, 2, 16, 16, 16, 53),
 'user': 'Britzz',
 'uid': 7550430,
 'lat': 48.8716239,
 'lon': 2.3858689,
 'tag': {'addr:city': 'Paris',
  'addr:housenumber': '1',
  'addr:postcode': '75020',
  'addr:street': 'Rue des Envierges',
  'amenity': 'cafe',
  'internet_access': 'wlan',
  'name': 'Moncœur Belleville',
  'old_name': "O'Paris",
  'opening_hours': 'Mo-Su 10:00-02:00',
  'outdoor_seating': 'yes',
  'phone': '+33 1 43 66 38 54',
  'website': ''}}

However, If I made a search based on the overpass, this place can not found. I tried a varios different combination for my search :

first_search = api.get('way["name"="Moncoeur Belleville"]', verbosity='geom')
out: {"features": [], "type": "FeatureCollection"}

second_search = api.get('way(around:100.0, 48.8716239, 2.3858689)', verbosity='geom')

third_search = api.get('node["name"="Moncoeur Belleville"]')
out: {"features": [], "type": "FeatureCollection"}

In the second search, many places found however none of them are Moncoeur Belleville. So may I learn why I can't find this location using Overpass? I'm asking this cause I don't think it is a good idea to check each time this kind of location's node number from OSM map. That's why I believe I need to use overpass API.

asked 08 Jul '19, 12:04

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edited 08 Jul '19, 15:33

The spelling of the place isn't what you'd expect - have a look at (which does find it) and you can see that the "œ" is written as one character not two.

Whether Overpass should be expected to understand this is a different question - if you edit the query to contain "ss" it doesn't work, so it doesn't do automatic ss / eszett translation (and I can understand why that decision was made).

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answered 08 Jul '19, 12:12

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I understand it makes sense. However, if I make a search based on lat&long (see in my second_search), not name or address, still this place cannot be found. In my example above, I searched for 100, and just now I increased to 400, and I printed whole places around 400meters based this lat&long, but still, this place is not in the list. I don't think it is a matter of character situation only.

(08 Jul '19, 12:19) donniedarko123

It's a node. You are searching for ways only.

(08 Jul '19, 13:16) maxerickson

Hi, now I ve edited my question. as you can see above at my third_search, I made a search with node, however, I got nothing. But I changed as "Moncœur Belleville" as @SomeoneElse warned me. And I got the node info. Thank you. Is there any way to search the node using lat&long?

(08 Jul '19, 15:42) donniedarko123

Edit the lat/long search to search for nodes instead of ways.

(08 Jul '19, 16:23) maxerickson

@maxerickson it works, many thanks

(09 Jul '19, 11:17) donniedarko123

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