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image sample Sir the map squares and rectangles are not exactly on the buildings. They are most of the time slightly away from them . i want to upload the image but i am not allowed as i am a newcomer with no points. I can align them but the work is vast.

asked 05 Jul '19, 15:26

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The answers already received are correct. They have looked at the image you placed for reference.

We see the photo of the buildings is not exactly under the squares mapped.

No one can know if it is an issue with the picture or with the squares, without more info.

It is bad to change the map without knowing if it makes it better or worse.

The squares are close, and yes the work is vast. Not only these buildings, but more work too.

It is good to leave the buildings where they are, and work on something else. There are other things, like missing roads, that are clearly in need of improvement. It is not clear if these buildings need improvement, because we don't know if the picture is good.

(06 Jul '19, 01:54) keithonearth

If building outlines do not match the aerial. First thing to do is to check the aerial is correctly aligned. Alignment can be checked and adjusted if there are several GPX traces otherwise best not to move any outlines. Before mapping a lot of buildings always check the aerial. see EDIT jpeg of iD with all traces selected.

alt text

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answered 05 Jul '19, 15:38

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andy mackey
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sir i have placed an image for reference

(05 Jul '19, 17:38) Emmfranklin

Emmranklin If you enable the GPX traces they should show if nearby streets in the image need aligning with the majority of GPXes. You could try switching to other image sources, you may find they don't all agree with each other just to prove images my not be correct. Note that sometimes the images can be out of date and buildings may not exist now.

(06 Jul '19, 08:47) andy mackey

I assume you are talking about the mapped buildings not aligning properly to the aerial images.

First one advise/warning: Some aerial images are not aligned properly to the real coordinates on the ground. You should activate the GPS traces that other users have uploaded (layers icon on the right hand side of iD and then activate OpenStreetMap GPS tracks) and compare these tracks with the roads in the aerials. You can then either adjust the alignment of the images (same menu on the bottom) or chose a different background layer (same menu on the top). It seems to me that in the area you are editing for example the Esri layer is better aligned than the standard Bing layer.

Once you are sure the images are properly aligned you can start moving the buildings and nodes. Unfortunately, you have to do that manually. But you can select several buildings at once (press shift key while clicking on the objects), right click, select move and then move all of the selected buildings to a better position.

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answered 05 Jul '19, 15:53

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sir i have placed an image for reference

(05 Jul '19, 17:38) Emmfranklin

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