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I translated wiki page "Hiking" to Persian (Fa) language. Then I tried to have a Persian title for it. I followed the guidelines for using "move" bottom to redirect the translated page to a page with Persian title. But I found that the title of English page changed!! I tried to undo the action via "view History" page many times. but nothing changed!

First, Please somebody correct the Hiking page. I did not find any section in wiki to report the problem and ask for correction.

Second, What was my mistake?

asked 03 Jul '19, 21:24

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edited 03 Jul '19, 21:25

I have attempted to undo this. I hope I haven't broken anything further.

It looks to me like you moved the main hiking page rather than the Persian one.

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answered 04 Jul '19, 01:26

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Thank you very much,

But there is a problem. When I use following address which is translated title of hiking page, I will be redirected to English hiking page.کوهنوردی

It seems that main page is a double-redirect to itself now!

How can it be solved?

And the other problem is that I cannot move translated page to کوهنوردی now, because there is an empty page with same title.

(04 Jul '19, 08:36) babri

I've changedکوهنوردی&redirect=no to redirect to Fa:Hiking for now - is that what you wanted?

(04 Jul '19, 11:01) EdLoach ♦

Thank you Ed Loach,

The English page looks well.

But for the translated page the fa:کوهنوردی must be appeared as title of page, like French or Japanese pages.

I am not sure, anyway I think Fa:Hiking must be redirected to fa:کوهنوردی.

(04 Jul '19, 11:50) babri

@babri: Do you want the page title to appear as کوهنوردی or Fa:کوهنوردی? In either case, you need to move Fa:Hiking to that new title. (The option to move a page is available from the "More ▽" menu on the top right of the wiki page.)

You are correct that there needs to be a redirect from Fa:Hiking to that new page title. This is required for the language selector to work. The wiki will generally create such a redirect automatically once you move the page.

(05 Jul '19, 16:24) Tordanik

Thanks for remarks, Tobias. I did it. It looks well now.

(06 Jul '19, 11:05) babri

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