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Why is it taking 1 second of loading when for example ArcGIS tiles only need 50 miliseconds? A strange behaviour is also that the image got shown 3/4 but for the rest it takes up to 1 second to show the missing 1/4. Are there some bottlenecks with redirecting in the background of the server?

OSM tile

ArcGIS tile

asked 02 Jul '19, 08:03

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Can you say what "it" is? At a guess, you're trying to load OSM's "standard" tile layer as a background layer into some other software, but it would help to know what you're actually trying to do.

(02 Jul '19, 08:14) SomeoneElse ♦

Does it really matter if i use it in a app or not (question ;-) ), because the behaviour is the same (chrome dev tools), thats why i came up with a speedtest of indiviual tiles, secondly yes of course in an basemap but because the paning took ages, compared to all the other services i included, i speedtested the tiles.

(02 Jul '19, 08:24) black_gis

Does it really matter if i use it in a app or not

It will, because depending on how you load tiles they might not work at all. Some people have complained recently that OSM tiles have "stopped working" for them; generally that was because the frameworks they were using weren't following .

(02 Jul '19, 08:30) SomeoneElse ♦

ok, understood!

But 'OpenStreetMap data is free for everyone to use. Our tile servers are not.' where to buy then? For whom is it free?

when I load a tile in a webbrowser i am 'Note: modern web browsers in standard configuration generally pass all the above technical requirements.', so there should be no issue, but which clutter is then added to the image that makes it load so long -it is a technical interesst not so much a politcal or economical question

I really just want to improve the service with the question, i don't have bad intentions, and it is also a plus for the mappers if the tiles load faster when the pan in the osm editors

(02 Jul '19, 09:01) black_gis

Tiles served from are intentionally prioritised for users of the website.

If you use them in other contexts, the tiles will still be served, just more slowly.

Tileserver load has increased in recent months, particularly from apps and high-traffic websites which have the resources to set up their own servers but are not doing so. This policy helps encourage those apps and sites to move towards their own servers, while still allowing small-scale uses to benefit from the OSM tileservers.

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answered 02 Jul '19, 14:22

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Richard ♦
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Thy, now finally my impression of an artificial delay got confirmed and it seems to be a feature than a bug. Fully understandable now why this needs to happen, unfortunately.

(03 Jul '19, 08:01) black_gis

Maybe it is because the OSM tile servers are run on a shoestring budget by a tiny group of volunteers and other tile services are run by teams of admins with the huge budget of multibillion-dollar companies?

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answered 02 Jul '19, 08:19

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Jochen Topf
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As i said the delivery would be as fast as the ESRI (3/4)50ms (look at the image - blue line!) but for what reason it makes somewhere an extra turn that take up to 1sec to get all loaded

(02 Jul '19, 08:29) black_gis

To address the implicit point in the title - the tiles you're trying to load are not a tile service. OpenStreetMap is basically just a big pile of data. The tiles that you see at are primarily there to help OSM's mappers improve that data.

If you want to create your own tiles from OSM data then by all means do so (creating some identical tiles isn't particularly difficult), or you're welcome to use other tile services based on OSM data, provided you follow their terms of use, whatever those might be.

Ultimately servers cost money to run and so anyone hosting free map tiles of any sort on the internet will have some sort of "anti bulk use" policy in place.

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answered 02 Jul '19, 08:38

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SomeoneElse ♦
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You have missed my question. Its not about cost and not about self building, that can be an extra steps in the future. I am self very active on OSM and i know that for sure that nothing is for free, unfortuantelly but in dev time i am not concerning about these issues as it comes later.

They are both TMS - pls my question is a technical question and is asking where the extra loading time (look now finally on the image to the blue line) is coming from? Is it this bulk detektor?

(02 Jul '19, 08:55) black_gis

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