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iD warns about incomplete tags if man_made=pier is not tagged as a highway, but doesn't suggest area=yes in addition. Mapbox doesn't render them correctly if it is tagged as a highway without area=yes, which makes sense. It seems to me like the highway tag is not needed if the pier already has a highway on top of it. Just like bridges, the man_made tag shows the perimeter and there is a separate highway for routing. Is iD's warning wrong?

asked 01 Jul '19, 07:17

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I concur with your last statement. That's how I have tagged wider piers in the past: man_made=pier for the outline and a highway=* on top. Small piers I have tagged as a line with just man_made=pier.

But I just tried to draw a line and an area pier now and I didn't get a complaint by iD. Where does it appear?

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answered 04 Jul '19, 14:40

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At the top of the sidebar when the pier is selected there is a yellow box that says 'Floating Pier has incomplete tags'. If I click the 'Upgrade the tags' button it adds highway=footway.

(04 Jul '19, 22:40) tguen

If iD applies that "fix" regardless of whether it's an unclosed way or a closed way, I'd say that's a bug. For closed ways, area=yes would need to be added in addition, like you thought. The safer action, though, would be to not apply this "fix", because not all piers are also highway=footway.

(04 Jul '19, 23:50) alester

Strange, the warning only appears if floating=yes is set (which I hadn't in my firs trials). I don't see what difference that should make. Maybe the developers thought that floating piers are more likely to be narrow walkways then founded piers?

In any way I second what alester says.

(05 Jul '19, 10:01) TZorn

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