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In my map I get the info of the length of a line by using the tag "Measure" in the popup.

alt text

So, I get the info of the length in the popup.

alt text

But this information is not part of the export function. When I export to geojson, I get all kind of metadata exported like name, description, own metatags, latitude, longtitude and so on....but not the length of the lines. It would be great if this could be included.

asked 26 Jun '19, 16:05

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Is this in uMap?

If so, the best place to raise this sort of issue is probably on the GitHub issue tracker.

Alternately the OSM wiki has a section with links to other feedback channels. This site is aimed at simple Q&A for the main OpenStreetMap project (mostly mapping questions) rather than issues with it's various offshoots.

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answered 26 Jun '19, 18:56

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Please note that this forum is mentioned in the list of feedback channels that you mention. Perhaps the wiki should be adapted so it becomes clear that this forum should only be used for basic uMap questions (or not at all)

(27 Jun '19, 04:27) escada

The link has had the qualifier "(only for minor usage problems)" since 2014-08-26. Better phrasing might be help, but I'm not sure what that might be.

(27 Jun '19, 08:22) InsertUser

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