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Hi, I produced some Maps for my sites (fi. but when I look in My Maps, there is nothing available. I have no idea how I can change some details of what I made earlier, don't know how to get in, change and save again. Is that not possible afterwards or am I doing something wrong..?

Please help...

asked 23 Jun '19, 14:33

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scai ♦

Hi Scai, I see that I used the link on the page you were advising me, but that you closed that question as a double question. This was the only english link for a dutchman as I am. The other one is French and that is not my favorite language... ;-(

(25 Jun '19, 08:45) CGID

Sorry, I don't quite understand what you are trying to tell me. Your other question sounds very similar to this one so I closed it as a duplicate. Both are on so no need to ask the same question twice on the same platform.

(25 Jun '19, 08:59) scai ♦

I guess you followed the link 'Help forum (only for minor usage problems)' on the page scai linked to. This link directs back to this help forum, though. There are other ways to connect to umap. Unfortunately, from my own experience, feedback on github is scarce at best. I haven't tried the mailing list or IRC, though. Maybe try to post a question in English in the French forum. It appears to be the most frequented of the different channels.

(25 Jun '19, 09:32) TZorn

That is exactly the matter... I am a novice in this world, but very enthousiastic about the results I made with OpenStreetMap. But having a question does not make it easy to get an answer somewhere. I tried GitHub now and I also send an email to the french my best french...

Anyway, I don't understand why my question is so hard to answer. I posted a map on the internet that anyone can see and I want to know how I can change the map I made. I will not be the first who has to deal with this matter I suppose..?

Thanks TZorn for your understanding.. ;-)

(25 Jun '19, 10:00) CGID

We can't answer your question because we are not uMap. uMap is an independent project, that's why you have to contact the uMap operators.

(25 Jun '19, 10:15) scai ♦

Hi Scai, I understand that now. As a novice this is a very strange world. I have now been busy for almost 2 days to edit something I made a month ago and I still have no idea if anyone has an answer for me.. I made these Maps in Google etc. but I prefer OpenStreetMaps. But if I cannot change it later on, I have to stick to Google... ;-(

(25 Jun '19, 10:39) CGID

I you read the beginners guide, or some of it, you could edit OSM directly.

(25 Jun '19, 12:46) andy mackey

OK. thanks for your help...

(25 Jun '19, 13:06) CGID
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If you were not logged in when you made the maps then they won't be saved to your username. The only way to edit them is with the original edit link which is different to the link to share them.

If you didn't save these links somewhere then I would normally recommend you download the "Full Map Data" and re-upload to a new map to recreate them, but in the more complex of the maps you've linked to it seems the share menu has been disabled.

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answered 23 Jun '19, 18:25

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You may find more specific help in the places linked here.

(23 Jun '19, 18:25) InsertUser

I thougjt I made them under my usernamen, but maybe not. What do you men with the original edit link? I cannot find anything to change it with. How does that look like? Also download the full map data means I have to get in the map to make that choise, isn´t it?

So it means that these maps wil stay on the internet forever...?

Thanks for your response...

(23 Jun '19, 21:05) CGID

If you thought you were signed in before make sure you are still logged in when you go back. If you create a map anonymously, then when you first save a message pops up saying "Your map has been created! If you want to edit this map from another computer, please use this link: ..." The link is also in the panel that opens when you click the key icon of a map you're editing As to being around forever, you may be able to get in touch with the the people who run that particular site and see if they can help.

(23 Jun '19, 23:17) InsertUser

uMap is a third-party service and not maintained by the OpenStreetMap people.

See for a list of contact channels. If you lost the link to edit your map then try contacting user .

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answered 24 Jun '19, 09:58

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scai ♦
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Thanks for your answers, I had my account before I produced anything. And I never saw a link to save, so something must have gone wrong with UMAP. I have contacted them with this matter.


(24 Jun '19, 10:59) CGID

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