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Some time ago I added a pub near where I live to the map. It has recently closed and now remains as the same building but boarded up and not open for business.

The OSM Wiki's opening hours page doesn't mention things that never open, and doesn't seem quite right. How should I tag it as closed?

asked 24 Aug '10, 19:15

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Why not just simply deleting the pub?

(20 Sep '10, 00:09) c1map

@c1map: it could still be a useful landmark, even if it is closed. Also deleting it may mean that some other OSMer with access to some out-of-date dataset may add it back in again.

(06 Oct '10, 12:03) GrahamS

I normally tag that as amenity=disused, disused=pub along with a note explain how I know that it's no longer in business and when it closed.

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answered 24 Aug '10, 20:51

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Jonathan Ben...


Not sure when it was changed, but I have noticed the wiki currently recommends what looks like an improvement on the combination petschge mentions here. It suggests disused:amenity=*. This retains the original context/key. It seems the concept could be extended into the demolished and abandoned keys, too (e.g. demolished:amenity=pub). I'm using that to tag earthquake-affected premises in Christchurch, New Zealand.

(18 Mar '12, 20:27) hughbris

I think there is a tag disused=yes that you can along with other tags.

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answered 10 Sep '10, 07:37

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Simply adding disused=yes to an existing set of tags isn't enough. If an application doesn't recognise this tag, it will treat the feature as still being in use. Never try to subtract information from other tags; Always add more information.

(10 Sep '10, 08:30) Jonathan Ben...

This is what I meant. Set up all the tags needed, then add disused=yes.

(10 Sep '10, 13:04) ivanatora

Sure, but what Jonathan meant is: if an application doesn't recognize disused=yes, it will just parse your amenity=* and won't show the POI as disused. But if you use amenity=disused in the first place, there is no chance that this can happen. Either the application ignores the POI at all (or at least doesn't treat it as a regular POI) if it doesn't know amenity=disused, or it will handle it correctly as a disused amenity.

(10 Sep '10, 13:26) scai ♦

Now I see the point, but it still doesn't seem right. The wiki page for the 'disused' key ( doesn't say you can use whatever value you wish, it says only 'yes' for a valid usage. If the application can't recognize the disused key you couldn't know how it will react to such a 'disused=*' combination. So which is more important - to view some object as 'not used now' and nothing more or view its amenity type? I think people have a different answers for that.

(10 Sep '10, 21:30) ivanatora

The wiki page is just a guide, and in this case it's a poor guide. In OpenStreetMap you can use Any Tags You Like[1], so just because a wiki page doesn't list an option you think is appropriate, it doesn't mean you can't use it. It's just that someone hasn't got round to updating the documentation.

If an application doesn't understand amenity=disused, it simply doesn't show anything at that point on the map, and no-one gets misled. If an application doesn't understand disused=no, it will show that disused feature as in use.


(11 Sep '10, 00:51) Jonathan Ben...

Maybe someone should update that wiki page then?

(06 Oct '10, 12:04) GrahamS
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