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I am trying to download the street map for Hobart Tasmania but no matter what size I select I keep getting the error that says it's larger than 5000 nodes. I've tried changing the layers of the map even to the point of black and white, and even tried the other sites mentioned but have either similar issues or for some reason the file doesn't want to work on my Mac.

I've got the height map from terrain party and it worked fine. The co-ordinates are: West 147.163020 North -42.780237 East 147.556507 South -43.067697

Any help would be appreciated.

asked 17 Jun '19, 01:03

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Can you explain the purpose for downloading the area? This would help in suggesting other ways to retrieve the data. The download functionality on the main site is rather limited but is also not meant for GPS or GIS use.

(17 Jun '19, 04:07) escada

My main purpose is to load the roads onto the map. As am trying to build as good as can get replica of Hobart in Cities Skylines. So would like to have close enough setup of the infrastructure so can play the game with most of it setup.

(17 Jun '19, 04:11) PETER

Downloading data through the export function on the main OSM website (which is what I presume you are doing) will rarely work. Exporting data from the main (API) database is costly, so is given a low priority compared with API calls for editing. Therefore any export activity over a certain size is likely to fail.

Standard ways of getting OSM for an area are:

  • Overpass & Overpass turbo queries: these allow a broad range of queries and are most frequently used to filter data.
  • Pre-prepared download services. The best known is that of Geofabrik, which organises dowanload extracts by geographical regions (which can be quite large).
  • Dynamic downloads, such as those of bbbike, which allow an area (within size limits) to be selected and an extract prepared in a few minutes.
  • Tool based extracts, such as those used by QGIS OSM plugins. These are often closely related to Overpass.

I would think bbbike is the most suitable for your immediate purposes.

NOTE: data can come in 3 typical formats: .pbf, .zip, and .osm (or .xml). You may need a specific format depending on which tools you are using.

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answered 17 Jun '19, 09:32

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Thanks for the help but I think I'm just going to give up. No matter which file formats I download I just can't seem to get the game to recognise the files.

I might just have to upload the map (height map) as is to the steam workshop for someone else to attempt getting the roads loaded, just cause it's causing me too much annoyance and too much time.

(18 Jun '19, 14:25) PETER

According to this discussion you need a *.osm file.

You can try to export Raw data via Overpass. Try this query, choose Export -> Download/copy as Raw OSM Data. Of course, you can adapt the query to download other areas as well.

(19 Jun '19, 04:26) escada

Looks great but only seems does Hobart CBD I'm needing .osm for the area I've selected: West 147.163020, North -42.780237, East 147.556507, South -43.067697 Which basically covers down to Margate, Summit of Mount Wellington, Berriedale, Opossum Bay, and just after the Hobart Airport.

(20 Jun '19, 12:06) PETER

then try this query: this searches for all roads in the bounding box (aka visible area on the map)

(20 Jun '19, 16:22) escada

When you press the "export" button in OSM the following text is displayed:

If the above export fails, please consider using one of the sources listed below:

If you do as it suggests, one of those options is Overpass and that will take you to an overpass download of that area, just like escada's above but for whatever area you want.

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answered 20 Jun '19, 12:52

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