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I'm trying to import xml data from an overpass query into postgres. Using the latest windows build on appveyor, "osm2pgsql -c -d postgis_25_sample -U postgres -H localhost -P 5432 -S "myData.osm" -W -s" completes successfully. While it builds the osm_nodes, osm_point, and osm_ways tables correctly, the osm_line table is empty.

The data looks something like this: Is something wrong with the data or is it something else?

asked 15 Jun '19, 02:48

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Does your data actually contain anything that would be imported in to osm_line? For example non-closed ways that are not part of a MP?

(15 Jun '19, 11:26) SimonPoole ♦

Yes. I'm sure. The polygon table is empty as well.

(17 Jun '19, 02:06) shinyburger

Your data is not NWR (Nodes, Ways, Relations) ordered, I don't believe you will get any kind of consistent results without doing that (I'm actually surprised that it imports at all).

PS: I discussed this with the osm2pgsql maintainers, and to be exact: osm2pgsql doesn't require overall nwr ordering, but it does require nodes referenced by ways to be before the ways that reference them (in practical terms this naturally doesn't really make a difference).

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answered 18 Jun '19, 14:17

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