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I'm using your program for taxi. I would like to close a few road because of roads repair. The problem is that the road was disappeared from the map, but our program still works like this road is open and cars can go through it, so like nothing was changed in our system when we plan orders. Would you be so kind to help us please, how to close the road and to make our program work with these changings?

Thank you, Irina

asked 14 Jun '19, 09:02

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When you say you would like to close them because of road repair, are they actually closed because repairs are happening or are they a bad choice because the surface is bad? If it is just the second, a better approach is to tag surface and smoothness or trackype appropriately and adjust your router to avoid roads that don't meet your needs.

For your question about making your program work we will need more details about what you are using.

(14 Jun '19, 19:05) InsertUser

You could use barrier or construction tags for closures of six months. I use map notes for shorter ones, but notes won't affect routing apps i assume.

(16 Jun '19, 10:15) andy mackey

Hi Irina. At least in my region we usually don't do anything to roads that are closed for a short period of time only (up to 3 months or so). Navigation apps can rely on live traffic data (e. g. HD Traffic) to pick up road closures. The danger in specifically marking roads as closed is that no one remembers to re-open them once the repair work is done and then they stay unavailable for routing indefinitely. Furthermore few apps update their data daily. I believe typical update intervals range between 1 to 3 months. So there is a high danger the road closure in the app does not reflect the actual status of the road for an extended period of time.

A work around is to tag roads with a conditional access tag but not all routers evaluate these rather complex tags.

If you still want to mark a road as closed there are two ways to do it: If the complete road is closed and undergoing major rework the tagging can be changed from e. g. highway=primary to highway=construction + construction=primary. If the road is only closed for certain traffic (e. g. the carriageway is closed but the sidewalks are still traversable) or only short term you could tag an access restriction like vehicle=no. Do not delete roads completely, please. Your problem with a road not being shown on the map indicates you or someone deleted the road. Please try to undo that.

I'm not sure if you are saying that you have developed your own app or are relying on an existing program. If you use a third party program try to use one with short update cycles, support for live traffic, support for conditional restrictions and support for manually adding road restrictions by the user inside the app only.

The problem you mentioned that a road was not shown but still being routed over could be used by the data for the map image and the routing coming from different providers or being updated/processed at different intervals.

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answered 14 Jun '19, 10:51

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The answer depends a lot on what application you are using (that uses the OpenStreetMap data) and how often it updates. On my phone I use OsmAnd+ which updates roughly monthly, but it depends where you are how quickly. The 1st May update for England wasn't available until 16th May due to the amount of processing required I suspect; the 1st June update isn't yet available (though the Wales one came out really quickly).

(14 Jun '19, 11:31) EdLoach ♦

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