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I'm new to OSM and I'm editing OSM for Israel at the web editor.
Often there are multiple ways to write the street names in English, and sometimes even in Hebrew (often due to political orientations). For example Salameh street can be written as either סלמה or שלמה.
In English it is written as either: Shalma, Salameh or even Shlomo.
I think it would be helpful to add all the street name versions, for if someone search one of these terms, he will find it. For example, in Google maps the road is called 'Shalma Road', but if you search by 'Shlomo Road', it does direct you to it.
But in the web editor I seem to be able to add one street name per language.
Is there a way to add more versions of the street name for the same language?

asked 12 Jun '19, 02:26

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There is the alt_name which gives you the possibility to add 1 alternative name. You can e.g. also use alt_name for an alternative name in Hebrew and alt_name:en for 1an alternative name in English.

People have been using all kinds of alt_name variations (alt_name:1 or alt_name_1, etc.) for more alternatives. None of those is documented or supported by data consumers such as Nominatim (AFAIK).

Are those English names, official names, or are they just slightly different translations/transliterations? We typically do not map transliterations.

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answered 12 Jun '19, 15:15

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