Can someone help me to change the map for a road name that was changed by the Parish (County).

My road, "Bishop Woods Road" (old name) in Gonzales, La. has been officially changed to "J D Broussard Rd" by the Parish (County). They have already changed out the road signs and notified the post office and 911, But nobody knows how to change the name on GPS apps. I have tried, but editing the maps is just over my head.

The change applies to the part of Bishop Woods Rd in Gonzales, LA, that runs from Hwy. 621 to Josh Brown Rd. (House numbers remained the same.) The change does not affect the part of Bishop Woods that runs from Josh Brown Road to Duplessis Road.

Please, please, help if you know how to change the GPS maps. Barbara 225-270-3556 or Sid 225-270-3555

asked 07 Jun, 18:14

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I take it that it this road: On the other side of Hwy 621 it already is showing the new name. If you can confirm this, it will be easy to change.

(07 Jun, 19:22) SK53 ♦

It would also help if you can confirm that this road is called Doomey Lane (it differs on recent US Govt data).

(07 Jun, 19:24) SK53 ♦

THank you so much! Yes, the road across from us is named J D Broussard Rd. We are now just an extension of the same road. Now we are also J. D. Broussard Road.

The road you highlighted is Doomey Lane, off of our road.

(08 Jun, 15:01) Sidney

Now done. I looked for other sources, but it appears such a logical 911 change I've gone ahead and made the alteration on OSM. This may take time to filter through to any services which make use of OpenStreetMap (many orgs only update every month or so, some take longer), but it is available immediately on the main OpenStreetMap site which means you can use it help direct people to find you.

You no doubt have to inform other providers who provide the data which powers other map sites (Google etc), such as Here. I'm afraid this may take longer.

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answered 08 Jun, 22:31

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To SK53,

Please feel free to email me at or text me at (225) 270-3556, (or call). I really appreciate that you took the time to answer. I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply. Just saw your answer. Thanks again.

(08 Jun, 15:09) Sidney
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