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Hi, we have a commercial app (Android and iOS) and a website, and we're looking for a platform that we can use to replace Google maps. What we need is basically the following: clients first have to enter their address (the street name and number, etc.), after that we show them the address with in pin in a map. If they confirm the address that's it, if the address is not correct they can move the pin to indicate their actual address.

Could we do that with your OpenStreeMap API?

asked 06 Jun '19, 21:46

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There is not a "single" OSM API that you can use (matter of fact what to usually is referred to as the OSM API is actually for editing only), but a number of different solutions from which you can pick.

I think a good starting point would be the developer section of the OSM wiki in particular

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answered 07 Jun '19, 12:58

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It is possible after first checking for existing address nodes and possibly moving it to the correct location. If the client pin location is within an existing address polygon, there should be no action. If the address is already defined for a building at a different location, it may be better to create a note: either the original building address has been mis-marked or there can be multiple buildings with the same address.

In any case it is important that the email for the OSM account used to set the address node be monitored for feedback. It is likely that the clients confirming their address location won't have detailed OSM knowledge to be able to respond to questions about their edits, so the best solution would likely be a single OSM account administered by you.

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answered 07 Jun '19, 11:33

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I have the feeling Catalina is not asking for how to edit/move OSM addresses. She rather is looking for a solution for an app for her clients where they can pinpoint their address, e. g. for a dilivery. Similar to how you move the pin in the Uber app.

(07 Jun '19, 12:05) TZorn

Maybe using the share function and adding a marker will do the job. see the newer answers to this

(07 Jun '19, 12:23) andy mackey

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