It appears that my application has been blocked by OpenStreetMap. My Windows application used to be able to access the OpenStreetMap tiles but it no longer can. Who can I contact in order to work this issue?

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I am not using Greatmaps. I'm using DevExpress, which is a third party software library that provides a class that loads OpenStreetMaps. Its URL is set to I am not able to change the URL.

(06 Jun, 20:09) seminole86

I suspect that your best course of action is to lobby DevExpress to let you change the URL to one you control or find a different library. For completeness, OSM's tile usage policy is here. Until you can get control over which tiles you're actually using you'll continue to be at the mercy of library mistakes like this.

(06 Jun, 21:01) SomeoneElse ♦

I was able to email in operations and there response was:

This is not something that is targeted at you specifically and you have not triggered any sort of IP based block.

Rather the application you are using is probably not complying with our terms of use:

Specifically it is probably sending a generic, or faked, user agent and/or referer with it's requests.

We have recently been applying blocks to such traffic to force proper identification of traffic sources.

I have sent this to DevExpress to get their take on it.

(06 Jun, 21:08) seminole86

Are you using the "Greatmaps" library/framework? If yes, might provide some insight.

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