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There are two mappers in my vicinity (Niroshani and rashini_slt) who have been uploading thousands of tiny changesets with POIs obviously copied from Google Maps over the last weeks and are not reacting to comments about their copyright violation. I mailed the Data Working Group about it twice, some 10 days and a week ago, but haven't had any reaction either. Any advice on how to proceed? I take it there are quite a few people in the DWG but don't know how many of them actually get the mails for the role account. If it's simply a matter of someone being on holiday or so I don't want to nag too much. I'm tempted to just revert the stuff myself to a) avoid anyone incorporating too much of this into new changesets and b) show them playing dead while continuing with their virtual graffiti-tagging isn't going to work anyway, but I'm not too keen on starting an edit war. So if anyone has experience dealing with this I'd appreciate it.

asked 05 Jun '19, 06:41

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(DWG here:) Sorry that you haven't had any response. Your messages do create tickets in our ticketing system but we attend to more urgent ones first. The issue is not forgotten, and we should have at least acknowledged receipt. When we deal with your tickets, we will prohibit the users from adding further data until they have given a credible data source, and we'll remove their contributions if they cannot give a credible data source.

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answered 05 Jun '19, 09:01

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Thanks, good to know! I noticed the DWG uses Google for mail services and they've had my hoster blacklisted before so I wasn't sure I even got through.

(05 Jun '19, 14:22) mbethke

a) don't mail the DWG, use the reporting function

b) the DWG doesn't have unlimited time or volunteers for processing incoming complaints and expectations of immediate responses are mistaken.

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answered 05 Jun '19, 09:01

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Thank you. I thought as much so I didn't exactly expect an immediate response but after a week started to wonder whether my mail had been spam-flagged or something. Both the OSM foundation's wiki and the public OSM wiki mention email as the preferred means of contact.

(05 Jun '19, 14:27) mbethke

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