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Hello, I want to contribute to make a very detailed map of Chora town in Ios island, Greece. It's a centeries old town and it has never being mapped(there are only some inaccurate diagrams) due to the complexity of the paths and the buildings. I will take measurements with a GPS receiver and I will make a highly accurate imagery with drones in order to make a high quality imagery map and georeference it. After I will trace the buildings and I will interview many locals to learn the names of the buildings and the history behind them. I want all this data to be accessible to tourists and locals through openstreetmap. But because of the huge amount of work I will do, I want a way to assure everyone can know that I made the map and be obliged to reference me (along with openstreetmap) when they print it or make diagrams of my work. Is there any way this can be done? The municipality years ago offered 10000€ for mapping the town but in the end they couldn't find anyone who can do it. What I am saying is I want to contribute but I don't want to do a 10000€ work without anyone knowing I did it. Is there a way to protect the data I offer? I want to attribute ME along with openstreetmap. For example © Contributors of OpenStreetMap & my name. It could be done by changing the attribution depending on the location.

asked 04 Jun '19, 18:57

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No, it is absolutely not possible to force anyone to provide more attribution than to OSM when they make a printout.

We do list some large data contributors on and in theory we could add individual names there, but this would not include a requirement for anyone to add your name when they do something with OSM data. Plus, we haven't listed individuals in the past, and there are many individuals in OSM who have spent much, much more time on OSM than you can buy for 10000€ - it would be unfair to list some and not others.

One thing that you can do is dual licensing. Provided that you start from scratch and do not use any OSM data and do not use any aerial imagery licensed only for OSM use, then you could make your own super detailed map (using OSM tools if you want, just not OSM data!). You could then upload it to OSM where it is distributed under the ODbL terms. But you could keep your own copy, and distribute that under any license you want; for example, if someone does not want to use the data from OSM because they do not like the ODbL license, they could negotiate getting the data from you directly (as long as this is only the data you created without any OSM influcence).

It is not possible to protect data in OSM against modification.

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answered 04 Jun '19, 19:43

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Thank you for your answer! 😊 Can I put just a note in the nodes and ways saying"mapped by my name"?

(04 Jun '19, 19:59) Παναγιώτης

I guess in theory you could fork the database and only add the town to the fork? That seems like it would void any special permissions for imagery etc. though (not a lawyer).

(04 Jun '19, 20:11) InsertUser

All features you add to OpenStreetMap are linked to the account that you've used, so if anyone looks at the details of a building or street that you add, they can see that the first version was mapped by you, or if you update an existing object, which changes you made.

Beyond that, you don't get any further attribution rights. There's more than a million accounts that have added to OpenStreetMap already, so we all agree that "OpenStreetMap contributors" covers everyone together.

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answered 05 Jun '19, 08:59

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Andy Allan
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A bit of nit-picking:

The contributor terms say in paragraph 4:

At Your or the copyright owner’s option, OSMF agrees to attribute You or the copyright owner. A mechanism will be provided, currently a web page

(05 Jun '19, 09:59) SimonPoole ♦

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