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I would like to tag a shop that sells its products online, prepares the orders and lets the customers pick up their orders at the store. The store doesn't sell products directly inside the building. It's just a place to pick up already prepared orders.

There's a tag drive_through used to indicate shops and amenities offering a service that you can order from your car. But here it's not the case. You can't order or pick-up from your car. You have to park, then go at the store by feet.

Do you know a tag that could be used for this purpose? Like online_order with value no / yes / only, or delivery_place ...

asked 03 Jun '19, 21:18

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If you have to pre-order I don't think this meets the criteria for a convenience shop.

(04 Jun '19, 10:25) SK53 ♦

The physical object you like to map does not appear to be a shop. The shop is virtual and what you find at the given address is rather a warehouse. I would map the building as building=warehouse. You can still supply operator (the shop's name), phone number and web address there.

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answered 04 Jun '19, 13:13

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That's a start, but it only describes the "a warehouse" part of "a warehouse where you can pick up your online orders". As I read the question, it's really more about the second part.

(04 Jun '19, 19:22) Tordanik

I'm not sure my solution is so far off. A warehouse is a place to store and issue goods and many have a counter for pick-up. Granted, in this case there is probably more B2C than B2B business. But otherwise?

What is the use case behind mapping? Specifically searching for pick-up counters of online stores in your city is probably not what most people would do. Rather you have found your store online and now want to search for its pick-up counter. You can perfectly well do that if it is mapped as warehouse and with the store's name (as operator I suggest).

But apart from that I suggest to follow SomeoneElse's suggestion to continue this on a different channel if further discussion is needed.

(05 Jun '19, 08:24) TZorn

Possibly not in your case, but often this sort of collection point is an unmanned cabinet. These often get tagged as amenity-vending_machine; vending=parcel_pickup.

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answered 04 Jun '19, 13:41

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SomeoneElse ♦
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vending=parcel_pickup is close to the shop I'd like to tag but vending is only for automatic machines, often accessible 24/7, and not for a place to pick-up products delivered by humans at certain hours. :/

(04 Jun '19, 20:44) AJojo44

To be honest I'd ask this question on the "tagging" list. The help site's good for "how do I do X" when there's a good answer "Y". It's not so good for answers that being "it depends...".

There is clearly a continuum between a fully-stocked catalogue shop and a parcel pickup vending machine - in the UK some newer "Argos" stores are counters in supermarkets with much less stock, but still "look like shops"; others may have even less stock and not really be shops at all because you never "buy" anything there.

(04 Jun '19, 21:04) SomeoneElse ♦

I understand this is an older post, but it's the first one that came up in my search for answers to this question. I believe the correct answer, as of now, is shop=outpost

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answered 22 Aug '20, 19:03

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That would be a no from me, because as it's mentioned aswell in the talk page and based on Cambridge dictionary "outpost" means: - a place, especially a small group of buildings or a town, that represents the authority or business interests of a government or company that is far away - a rare example of something that is disappearing

In other words, what the Wiki article says is misleading to the actual meaning of the word, except if there's an actual typical usage of that term in commercial context.

(27 Aug '20, 02:47) jimkats

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