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On I am using the tag request clause "bridge" not just bridge, so shouldn't it limit it to bridges that have that key, yet many or most of results show man_made=bridges in listed tags when I open up from results map, but not key Bridges tag. Example is the famous Brooklyn Bridge. There are only approx. 60,000 man_made=bridge in OSM yet it seems they all show up under bridge key search, yet bridge has millions in OSM. Can someone explain?

asked 28 May '19, 11:44

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It looks like overpass turbo's wizard translates "bridge" to man_made=bridge as shown here:

This has been generated by the overpass-turbo wizard.
The original search was:
// gather results
  // query part for: “bridge”
// print results
out body;
out skel qt;

You probably want to try "bridge"=*

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answered 28 May '19, 11:54

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Yes, that did it! Thank you. I thought that I was looking at all key=bridges but I was actually looking at man_made=bridges. But that is really strange they do that automatic modification of search when person uses the correct clause, no? The one you provided doesn't even seem to be in tag request clause section here. Or maybe I need to read it more thoroughly. Thx again.

EDIT but I just noticed something else...when I search by Man-made=bridge the tag "Bridge=yes" does not show up on Brooklyn bridge info on left, yet when I search your new search it's visa versa...man_made=bridge does not show up on left, only bridge=yes. I had assumed it showed all tags over there? Seems to only show tag you were looking for and a few others.

(28 May '19, 12:03) philip

The left panel only displays the query. It contains only the tags you are searching for. Or better the tags which the overpass turbo wizard thinks you are searching for. To see all tags of the found objects you have to look at the results, not at the query.

(28 May '19, 13:36) scai ♦

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