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First of all sorry my English... And sorry if the question is duplicated.

I have OSM tiles in the area of Turkey with 13 zooms. And I want to implement it into a desktop offline app. So it needn't any updating immediately. Maybe once in a year etc.

My questions are: Is it legal doing it for a wide area in 13 zooms? Should I take permission from System Administration? Or just showing OSM label on my map is enough? Any help/idea would be appreciated.

**Note: I'm using python and I plot osm tiles as an image with imread/imshow argument. Whenever latitude and longitude are changing, if necessary new image added with the previous image. So it put together a large image as time passes by.

asked 27 May '19, 22:40

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There are many different services hosting tiles, each with their own usage policy. Check out the wiki pages on tile servers and commercial service providers and find their individual usage policies on their web sites. For you will indeed need permission from the system administrator for heavy usage.

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answered 27 May '19, 23:39

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NOTICE: is being shutdown on 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum