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Hi, I'm trying to create a .pbf file with only water (Coastlines, rivers, streams, lakes). I'm using the following with perfect results except none of the lakes come through:

osmosis --rbf file.osm.pbf outPipe.0=1 --wkv keyValueList=natural.coastline,natural.water,waterway.river,waterway.riverbank,,water.lake inPipe.0=1 outPipe.0=2 --tf reject-relations inPipe.0=2 outPipe.0=3 --used-nodes inPipe.0=3 outPipe.0=4 --wb file=filewater.osm.pbf inPipe.0=4

I'm running Osmosis version 0.47 on Windows 10 with Java 8 (update 211). I've tried many variation on the keyValueList and no matter what I try, the lakes won't pass through. I've been working on this for days and haven't been able to figure things out; any help would be greatly appreciated. btw, the file I'm starting with has the lakes in it, with natural=water, and water=lake in the keyValues tags.

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asked 08 May '19, 22:02

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You are rejecting relations: most larger waterbodies will be mapped as such. I would suggest perhaps using osmfilter which provides a less complicated way of doing this.

(09 May '19, 13:33) SK53 ♦

SK53, I have run the same command with --tf accept-relations, and also leaving accept/reject out altogether. I get the same result: lakes are gone.

Thanks for the suggestion on osmfilter. I'll play with that to see if I can get it to work. I appreciate your help!

(09 May '19, 17:54) dmoore45

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