In Portland, most Walgreens stores have tags on the building with a separate node for the pharmacy counter. This seems wrong to me, and makes each store show up twice in search results. Most of the pharmacy tags are duplicates (address, phone, etc.) but have different opening hours. How could I tag the building with pharmacy hours while preserving the store hours so I can remove the extra nodes? Or is there a better way to deal with this?

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How to do shops within shops is still debated, but most would agree there should not be both.

Having a node within the building outline of the store allows tags like opening_hours to be specific. You can also place the node in the correct area of the store, which could help with directions or locating it (e.g. it's at the back of the store, or go in and it's to the right). For this, you can also make sure entrances are mapped (a node that forms part of the building outline to be tagged with entrance=main or entrance=yes).

Adding the tags to the building (and store) allows us to simply ask: Does this Walgreens have a pharmacy? List all Walgreens with pharmacies. However being a little bit more sophisticated it would still be possible to look at the geometry of the building and see what nodes are within it.

A third option might be to have a relation that specifically links the Pharmacy node and the Walgreens area. There isn't such a relation schema for that, and I'm not aware of any in use. The closest might be the type=site relation.

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I think there is a clue here, in that a Walgreens building (or single address) contains more than one map-able entity. In contains a pharmacy, a variety store, and (in a few situations) a minimal clinic. Each may have it's own hours and contact information. In effect, it is a micro-mall names 'Walgreens'. A similar argument could be made for a Wal-Mart which contains variety, pharmacy, a liquor store, a hair salon, an optician, and an automotive department, all at the same address and under the same roof. A car dealership might have sales, parts, service, and body shop. Once again, all at the same address, but with different phone numbers. It is a common problem in an evolving marketplace.

(10 May, 14:46) NitaRae
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