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Could somebody help me to reverse a changeset? I accidentially broke a large multipolygon forest area which i can't get fixed. Two points are now connected which should not. The result is a missing forest area and ugly straight borders. I assume the changeset was #69829726 but maybe its #69829815.

Kind regards, Joris

asked 03 May '19, 08:44

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edited 03 May '19, 09:40


Do you know the ID of the broken multipolygon?

(03 May '19, 08:56) InsertUser

Hello InsertUSer, the ID is: 445351272

(03 May '19, 09:45) Jorisbo

Hello InsertUser. Thanks for your reaction. I'm new to the forum. When retrieving the relation ID: 284478 the problem is very well visible. Parts are filled with forest and parts of the outlines are now blank. One of the way-part id's is: 445351272

(03 May '19, 10:01) Jorisbo

I downloaded the relation in Josm and i think I repaired the non closed relations. I don't feel yet very comfortable in uploading the result. Is there a way somebody can review my change before I submit it?

(03 May '19, 16:12) Jorisbo

There is a way to request review for a submitted edit, but I don't know of one pre-submission unless you email it to a friend. I think JOSM's validator is meant to check multipolygon relations, so if it is happy, maybe you're OK??

(03 May '19, 16:45) InsertUser

Hello InsertUser. Thank you very much. I solved the conflicts when uploading and it now looks fine again! Kind Regards Joris

(03 May '19, 18:42) Jorisbo
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Problem solved by closing the multipolygon.

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answered 03 May '19, 18:43

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