OSM wiki documents historic=tank tag as

A decommissioned tank which generally remains in one place.

However, nodes with historic=tank are displayed neither by online OSM map, nor by OsmAnd, so they are invisible for map users.

Question: How to make them visible?

asked 02 May '19, 13:30

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Van de Bugger
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The standard OSM map maintainers have been asked to render historic=tank but they declined for the time being since the tag is only used very few times in the global database. Until the usage increases you are probably out of luck seeing tanks rendered on that map. That does not mean that other maps or apps decide to show tanks but (unless someone else here knows one) you have to look around the different maps available and try to convince them one by one.

If, and only if, the tank is also a tourist attraction, that is tourists go there explicitly and frequently to see the tank, it could additionally be tagged with tourism=attraction. That makes it a bit more likely the tank being rendered on maps.

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answered 02 May '19, 14:35

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https://map.atownsend.org.uk/maps/map/map.html#zoom=17&lat=50.897853&lon=-0.47634 is an example of a map that'll show historic=tank as "something vaguely historic". You could use that style to create a map for the area local to you.

What I wouldn't do is to tag a tank as something else in order to get other maps to show it.

(02 May '19, 14:54) SomeoneElse ♦

it could additionally be tagged with tourism=attraction.

I already tried it, it does not help.

Until the usage increases you are probably out of luck seeing tanks rendered on that map.

This is the problem. Mappers in my area do not use historic=tank because such nodes are invisible; they tag tanks as historic=memorial instead. OSM maintainers do not want to show historic=tank because there are too small tanks in the database.

(02 May '19, 20:01) Van de Bugger
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