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Hi, I am open street map and user. My apps registered with OpenStreetmap profile. I have quarry regarding privacy issue. I have labelled a location on the and saved. When the other user search on street map that location, the creator name expose on the openstreetmap. Is there any way to hide the name of the creator which is exposing on the public?

Thanks, Tapas

asked 02 May '19, 09:13

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Tapas Maity
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Hi Tapas,

the contributor will always be identifiable to other users, i.e. their OSM username can be attributed to all changes they make. You have of course the liberty to chose a user name that is not traceable back to you personally.

You can also chose to disconnect from your OSM user account. The changes you make are then still usable by yourself inside the app but won't appear to other users or in other maps/apps.

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answered 02 May '19, 14:47

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You can also use an OSM username (in MAPS.ME, and elsewhere if you want) that isn't obviously you.

OSM doesn't mind you having multiple OSM accounts, and they don't have to be your real name, provided that each one "plays nicely" with the rest of the community.

As an aside about MAPS.ME - just in case you didn't know - you can create bookmarks in there that don't get saved to OSM at all. If you just want to create personal markers then do that rather than creating public notes.

(02 May '19, 14:59) SomeoneElse ♦

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