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This specifically concerns High Springs FL. It appears that the street names as currently shown in OSM are the traditional street names, some of which date back to the founding of High Springs between 1880 and 1892. Sometime in recent years, Alachua County has renamed all the streets to a new scheme, presumably for 9-1-1 response, and to avoid confusion with similar street names in Gainesville FL.

As an example, way 10237900 describes NE 2nd Ave (old name) which has a new name of NW 187th Ave. Presumably the baseline for the new street names is the intersection of Main and University in Gainesville. The city of High Springs FL shows the various city agencies as using the new Street Names, and addresses which reflect the high numbered cross streets.

There are a few major streets, which are also numbered national and state highways, which retain there old names.

What is the preferred method of re-tagging these ways so that reflect as a default the new names, but not lose the old names (which may be used extensively in historical documentation, and possibly are still being honored by the post office for mail delivery. The way in question actually had two different spellings for the street name, but name_1, name_2 appear to be deprecated.

The new names can be seen on the … Alachua County property appraiser GIS system

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Just a note. Garmin, HERE maps and Esri are credited on the map you have linked. It is highly unlikely that these have a compatible licence for use as source data in OSM. The licence/permission for the overlay may be similarly restricted (especially if non-free sources were used in its creation). (FAQ)

(29 Apr '19, 07:26) InsertUser

the Alachua County Property Appraiser in conjunction with the building, planning, zoning department(s) are the original source agencies for creating (or in this case changing) the street names. The copyright is a compilation of all the elements that go into making a map. I will contact them directly and ask for a textual list of the old names and new names, and see what they say.

(29 Apr '19, 13:29) NitaRae

Took a ride over to High Springs earlier this evening. I now have ~25 images of road intersection signs, each taken with GPS enabled. That should give me some solid reference points that do not impinge upon a possible copyright issue with the ACPA maps. The street signs all have the new (higher) street numbers on them.

(02 May '19, 04:19) NitaRae

The first batch of images has been transliterated between the GPS coordinates and the (new) names on the street signs. Changeset 69802359 reflects this effort. Comments welcome.

(02 May '19, 13:45) NitaRae

The convention is to expand things like NW in the OSM data, even though NW is what appears on the sign.

(02 May '19, 17:33) maxerickson

There's a variety of tags used for additional names. One is old_name, which is probably the tag to use here, unless the names are still very heavily used, in which case you might put them in alt_name. The new names would just go in name.

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