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Some of the changes I made are showing my name as edited by. And some showing edited by indigomc though done by me. And some showing as created by indigomc though done me. How can I remain anonymous when I add a new place, instead of showing my profile name. I can see a couple of addition my friend made in his name.

My friend when logs on to open Street site can't see these changes made by me. Though both are using the same version.

Also the map coming up on samsung phone is different from the one accesses by iPhone having same version of app.

If you can explain please.

asked 24 Apr '19, 09:37

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I don't know how Maps.Me works and can't answer that part of the question.

As far as your edits, the best you can do with OpenStreetMap is to make them pseudo-anonymous, by using an account that is difficult to link to your identity.

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answered 24 Apr '19, 13:48

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indigomc has been mapping in the same area as you have and has edited some of the objects after you created them. See for example the bus stop Baidyabati Chowmatha: First you created it and after that indigomc moved it to a slightly different position (compare the coordinates).

All your changes you make to Openstreetmap are visible to all users (with very few exceptions). That is important for various reasons, e.g. to attribute copyright.

When mapping things it takes a while until various maps update the information. The main map on is usually very fast (seconds) but other maps might take longer to update. only updates the map whenever a new version of the map is released. This might be different for iphone and Android. On the wabsite your friend should see your changes the same way you are. If not he/you might need to reload the page or empty the browser cache.

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answered 24 Apr '19, 20:34

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