Revers geocoding with high zoom level doesn't return the full address. for example city is missed in this request

zoom = 14

while zooming out shows the missing city field

zoom = 10

so my question is how to get the full address with high zoom levels?

asked 23 Apr '19, 13:27

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Nominatim doesn't know how big the city is. The OSM data only contains the center point (node) of the city On zoom level 14 it find a smaller feature (island) and doesn't know it belongs to a city. On zoom level 10 it ignores all smaller features and looks for the nearest city more of less by distance (in other words the algorithm is guessing).

Adding a boundary (OSM relation) like for the city helps. Alternatively setting is_in tags to the suburbs and islands belonging to the city

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answered 23 Apr '19, 13:58

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Thanks for the response, but how can I achieve that with the reverse get call? ex:

(23 Apr '19, 14:19) Nagy

Nominatim doesn't know how big the city is. Somebody needs to add more data to the OSM database first.

(23 Apr '19, 14:22) mtmail
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