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I've been using the planet.osm.pbf files from for a while to create offline maps for my application. I recently received a request to add maritime maps. I looked at the OpenSeaMap project, but they don't seem to have a regularly updated export. And the planet files on https://planet.openstreetmap.org don't seem to include anything with the seamark:* tags.

How can I get a planet file (or equivalent) with both land and sea raw vector data?

asked 19 Apr '19, 16:31

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Planet files include all data - your issue is perhaps more likely to be how you're loading it into your database. If you can give more details on what you're doing there, people can hopefully help you more.

(19 Apr '19, 19:08) Richard ♦

Sorry, I searched the entire contents of https://planet.openstreetmap.org/pbf/planet-190415.osm.pbf and there isn't one occurrence of any variant of the "seamark" keys in any tag records. I can't extract the seamarks if they are not in the file.

(23 Apr '19, 04:52) AndrewEMT

All of OSM is in that file. Like I said, please give more details on what you're doing. For example, when you say "I searched", explain how you are searching, what tool you're using, what arguments you're passing to it, etc. etc.

(23 Apr '19, 09:30) Richard ♦

Never mind. You called it. I found a typo in my preprocessor that was discarding all records with seamark:type tags instead of storing them. Fixed now, and finding lots of seamark nodes and ways.

(24 Apr '19, 01:52) AndrewEMT

Yay, glad it works :)

(24 Apr '19, 10:11) Richard ♦
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