Good evening.

Could somebody explain whether the OSM service provides winter roads or not ?

If yes how we can use this feature on OSM ?

We need to use winter roads on OSM within our CRM system which is currently developed.

Thanks a lot in advance.

With best regards Sergey Barun

asked 17 Apr '19, 17:17

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OSM isn't really a "service" as such - but you can download OSM data which might have winter road information in it (which people have added after looking here), and there may be other people running services based on OSM data that can provide winter road information.

(17 Apr '19, 17:52) SomeoneElse ♦

When you say "we need to use winter roads on OSM", what do you envision here? Do you want to do some analysis with the raw data, display them on a map, use them for routing, or something else?

(17 Apr '19, 18:47) alester


The answer to any question that goes "does OSM provide X or not" must be "no, OSM does not provide X, at least not in a consistent or guaranteed fashion". OSM is what its volunteers put in, and there's no rule that volunteers must consider winter roads.

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answered 17 Apr '19, 21:14

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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I find that answer a bit harsh. The answer to any question that goes "does OSM provide X" must rather be "yes, OSM does provide it generally, but degree of completeness and quality varies by area and activity of local mappers, and it is up to the data consumer to extract the relevant information in the way they need it by themselves. OSM is not a service that provides X in a immediately usable way."

(18 Apr '19, 09:43) TZorn
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