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when implemented with angular 6 please help

asked 16 Apr '19, 12:22

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You'll have to provide an awful lot more information about what you have done, what you expect to happen and what actually is happening before anyone will be able to help.

Also, if it's not a question related to OpenStreetMap you might be better off asking elsewhere (e.g. where lots of Angular questions are asked).

(16 Apr '19, 13:22) SomeoneElse ♦

I was a bit urgent about it so.. Fortunately, I was able to load the map. Now my question is, does anyone aware of OSM documentation for angular6 implementation.

(16 Apr '19, 13:35) Syed

Now my question is, does anyone aware of OSM documentation for angular6 implementation.

Ultimately, OSM is just a big pile of data, so asking for "OSM documentation for angular6 implementation" doesn't really make a lot of sense. With OSM data you can create raster or vector tiles (lots of documentation for that - a quick web search will help you out here). Once you've got some tiles in a certain format you can then look for Angular 6 documentation for that format - but it'll depend hugely on what you've tried to do (which you still have not told us).

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answered 16 Apr '19, 13:45

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SomeoneElse ♦
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edited 16 Apr '19, 13:46

I'm trying to implement OpenStreet maps in my angular6 project. I want to implement all the functionalities which are provided by google maps.

(16 Apr '19, 14:29) Syed

When you say "OpenStreet maps" what do you actually mean? As I mentioned before, OSM is essentially just a big pile of data. Unlike commercial providers there is no "API" that you would typically use (after paying for!) to ask for a map in a certain format in a certain area.

With OSM the model is different - download the data that you want, convert it to whatever format you want, and then display it. You have the flexibility to do whatever you want, but that means in turn that you have more decisions to make.

For the avoidance of doubt a quick web search finds lots of people who've written up how they used OSM data from within AngularJS.

With regard to "all the functionalities which are provided by google maps" you'll also need to describe what you actually want. Google Maps' main function is to direct users' eyeballs at advertising and collect data on them - is that what you want to do, or are you referring to things like "show roads", "show points of interest", "allow users to ask for directions" etc.?

(16 Apr '19, 15:21) SomeoneElse ♦

Basically, I'm using openlayers for maps from OSM, now only looking for the map services like

new google.maps.Polygon new google.maps.Marker new google.maps.Map new google.maps.places.SearchBox new google.maps.LatLngBounds new google.maps.Size new google.maps.Point new google.maps.Size new google.maps.drawing.DrawingManager new google.maps.LatLng new google.maps.Geocoder new google.maps.InfoWindow new google.maps.DirectionsService new google.maps.DirectionsRenderer

These are the google maps services, I'm looking in open layers using angular6 Can you please provide the documentation for this so that I can implement in my project.

(17 Apr '19, 05:51) Syed

You are expecting us to be Google Maps experts although most of us aren't. Describe your requirements in plain words. Take a look at the OpenLayers API documentation and tutorials. Take a look at available OSM-based routers. Then come back if you have a specific question.

(17 Apr '19, 08:53) scai ♦

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