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Hello, When I try to add a new node using coordinates (Shift-D command), the rest of the data on the map disappears.

The data doesn't seem to be deleted because the file still has the same amount of nodes and ways.

This seems to be an interface or display thing? I haven't been able to find any post about it.

asked 10 Apr '19, 19:09

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Which JOSM version? I don't experience this issue with the latest josm-tested (14945). Maybe Shift-D toggles your layer visibility?

(11 Apr '19, 08:54) scai ♦

To rule out the obvious: Are you sure you are adding the point at the correct coordinate and it is not just JOSM recentering the view on the new point's location away from the previously downloaded data? If you scroll out, does the other data re-appear somewhere?

(11 Apr '19, 09:36) TZorn

Thank you very much for your replies.

I've been playing around with different layers to see if adding a node on a new layer would make it so the rest of the map is still visible. Unfortunately no: the rest of the map still disappears, even if the new node I am adding is on a layer entirely by itself.

Its interesting you ask if other data is visible. When I zoom out, oddly enough, just one random node is visible but the rest of the map is not (so I end up seeing this one random node from the old map, along with the new one I am trying to add)

This one random node was one I added some time ago: its position is accurate to where the new node I am trying to add would be.

The camera does recenter when I add a node of course, but when I zoom out, I only see this one particular node remaining from the map. The rest of it is missing.

I am using version 14824

(11 Apr '19, 17:27) ymtopcu

@ymtopcu: Please try zooming in on that random old node. When you're zoomed out far enough, even several square kilometers' worth of map data will shrink into a single point and look exactly like a single node.

If that doesn't help, press Ctrl+A to select all elements no matter where they are. (Only works in the current layer though!) What is the result of that?

(11 Apr '19, 19:16) Tordanik

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