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Fairly new to mapping. I wanted to map locked security gates installed in a side alley previously on a cycle route which are only accessible by key holders. Initially I mapped a barrier defined as a gate. But I noticed if you move the barrier symbol off and onto the surface of the road, it changed into a gate symbol which is much more appropriate. I defined access as permissive. Hopefully that will prevent routing access. I welcome any comments? Thanks

asked 09 Apr '19, 13:43

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If the barrier restricts access to the road its node should always be placed onto the road (so that the symbol changes to a gate). Otherwise a router wouldn't know that the gate belongs on that route.

Additionally, the road behind (between) the gates could also get an access tag (not all routers evaluate the barrier). Make sure to split the way first if the barrier only cuts off part of it.

Please also keep in mind the access hierarchy. Access=no/private/... locks out everything and everyone. If the road is for example only closed for vehicles but not pedestrians use vehicle=no/private/...

Access=permissive means someone owns the road who could restrict the access if they wanted to but have chosen to leave access open for time being. So a router would probably route over that barrier/road. If you need a key as you described I would tag it as access=private.

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answered 09 Apr '19, 16:24

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As far i know permissive means users are permitted. footpath=permissive, bridleway=permissive or residents=permissiveso in this case permissive=key_holders

(09 Apr '19, 20:50) andy mackey

If the gate is a barrier to the side route it should on the side route NOT on the road. Otherwise it blocks the road.

(09 Apr '19, 20:53) andy mackey

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