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I was trying to calculate a route I will be traveling this year and came up with a routing error that takes me 1706km Car (OSRM) vs 59m distance with Car (GraphHopper).

I thought there was an error in the road as this is an area that has been under construction. I did a comparison to Google Maps and with the have edited the map close to the same with more to do.

I am not sure why the routing takes me this way and have waited a couple of days for the server to update. The map is updated but the routing db for OSRM still has a problem.

Is this something I can fix?

How long do I need to wait for the OSRM routes to be updated?

Point 1 48.94339, -88.36608 Point 2 48.94291, -88.36644

asked 09 Apr '19, 07:19

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way 682312286 did still have construction=trunk set additionally to highway=trunk. I guess this construction tag is the reason why OSRM tried to avoid this road whereas GraphHopper did only look at the highway tag. I removed the construction tag.

It will take a while for routing engines to update their data. You will have to wait a few days, probably up to two weeks.

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answered 09 Apr '19, 07:24

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Ah, I was looking at the OSM inspector tonight and trying to learn some more and it said that there was a hidden NoOp in it as well.

I may have removed you edit as I was trying to remove this no-op about the same time you were editing.

I will have GPS traces of this area later this year so will know how the full construction is completed and the one ways at that time.

(09 Apr '19, 07:58) MeMaps

Next time please try to modify the existing way instead of deleting it. You can improve its geometry and change tags in order to keep the history. Most of the time deleting a way is not necessary.

(09 Apr '19, 08:13) scai ♦

Just tested. The routing is now working. Thanks you.

I will learn more as I use the tools more. I tried to edit it for a few days but it wouldn't repair the routing.

(09 Apr '19, 17:11) MeMaps

The conclusion is that the routing in graphhopper is broken and OSRM was correct, so you should be opening a ticket with graphhopper to get that fixed.

(09 Apr '19, 19:14) SimonPoole ♦

I wouldn't draw that conclusion Simon. highway=trunk + construction=trunk is broken tagging. Each router somehow handled it and in my opinion Graphhopper did the better interpretation by favoring the main tag over the secondary one.

(09 Apr '19, 19:20) TZorn

The OSRM rounting graph is updated daily

(09 Apr '19, 19:57) datendelphin

@TZorn I would disagree. While it isn't quite correct tagging, ignoring tagging that would imply ongoing construction work is not a good idea.

(10 Apr '19, 08:53) SimonPoole ♦
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