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Background I am creating a series local of logically connected hiking routes. Where one ends, another starts. These local routes go through cities and towns as well a country side. I use to view the results. I am conscious these routes can have a large number of elements. I wish to keep each local route to between 1 and 3 days walking and so keep the number of elements at around 200 in each route.

I have found the practice of the European Long Distance path. Taking route E2 as an example. I note this passes through five countries (from near Stranraer, west Scotland, UK to Nice, south France) and has a nested set of super relations. Each super relation has as members the relations at the lower level. Thus E2 (1956169, type:Superroute) has 5 members. One of these members is "... - part UK" (1959505, type Superroute). This Superroute has 8 members, one of which is "... - part UK: Scotland" (4515206). And this Superroute has two members 50235 Portpatrick to Melrose and 360996 Melrose to Kirk Yetholm.

In my case there would one national Superroute with six members. In total there will be about 50 local routes (containing elements such as Path, Bridge etc). Where one local route finishes, another begins. These local routes will be allocated to the relevant regional Superroute.

I have read the one question I could find (dated 2013?) on type: Superroute and believe it doesn't address my question below.

My only tools are the standard OSM browser loaded in Chrome. I have considered downloading "JOSM", for example, but it looks too complicated for a simpleton like me to install on a desktop with Windows 10.

My Question

1) How do I create a relation of type Superroute to which I can then add members?

2) How do I add Members to a Superroute?

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Based on the answer to this question I think you would need to

  1. select one of the route relations you would like to edit,
  2. scroll to the bottom (after the enumeration of ways) and
  3. click on the plus to create a new parent relation.

After the first one I think the subsequent sub-relations should then have the option to choose the new relation as parent (instead of step 3). It doesn't appear to be a supported type for iD so I think it will probably involve rather a lot of manual tag entry.

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answered 07 Apr '19, 00:24

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Superroute is a normal relation with attribute: type=superroute. Superroute has 'route' members usually (instead of tracks and paths).

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answered 11 May '22, 16:19

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