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I'm trying to enhance an old import which created single houses as two building=yes ways:

  • One for the house itself.
  • One for the entrance, which is covered but has no walls. This building=yes also have a wall=no.

I'm trying to convert both ways to building:part=yes, and draw a new path around them to hold the building=yes.

Using JOSM here what I can do:

  • Select both ways
  • Copy (Ctrl-c)
  • Paste in place (Ctrl-Alt-v) (which select the new ones)
  • Shift-J to merge the pasted two ways
  • At this point I have tree ways: one merged and the two untouched initial ones
  • I change the building=yes to building:part=yes in the two old parts
  • The copy/past created duplicate nodes, so I select them by pairs and hit "M" to merge each pair

It works well but It's way to long to cover the whole city :P

Is there a better/faster/less error prone way?

asked 01 Apr '19, 22:15

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Side note: If you know that a particular use of wall=no describes a roof (rather than e.g. a balcony or shed), consider using building:part=roof for it. Because wall=no has been used for so many different things in the import, it's hard to make use of.

(02 Apr '19, 15:02) Tordanik

Maybe "Follow Line" is nicer? It still won't be great, but you start a line with it by clicking 2 existing nodes in order and then each time you press "F" it adds the next node, pausing for instruction on shared nodes. So you can create the outer way with ~3 clicks (2 to start it and 1 to continue it) and 2 presses of "F". No cut and paste, no merging, etc.

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answered 02 Apr '19, 03:35

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That's right, it's a bit better (it avoid merging which takes time).

(02 Apr '19, 08:40) mdk

Instead of individually merging the nodes, you can use JOSM's validator. It shows error messages for duplicate building nodes, and can automatically fix them. When you select the heading in the JOSM validator panel (where it describes the kind of error) rather than one of the individual errors listed below it, clicking the Fix button will merge them all at once.

JOSM validator panel

That's quite nice already when used for a single building's nodes, but it can really save time if you do it only once at the end of your editing session. However, you must make sure that you do not "fix" anything except the building outlines you've just added!

Luckily, the validator runs only on the currently selected elements when clicking the Validation button. To select only the ways you've created or re-tagged in the current session, you can open JOSM's search (Ctrl-F) and enter the search string type:way modified.

Additional ideas:

  • If there are any tags you need to add to or remove from all of your new building outlines (e.g. removing the wall=no that's left over from the merge), you can leave that until the end, too. Just select all the new building outlines by searching for type:way new.
  • You might be able to record and playback the Ctrl-c, Ctrl-Alt-v, Shift-J keypress sequence using some keyboard macro tool.
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answered 02 Apr '19, 16:57

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